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The mysterious disappearance of a young woman takes your group of friends into a fast-paced and modern take on the classic point-and-click adventure.

You’re in for a treat – the game’s puzzles are easy to solve, but extremely difficult to figure out.

By trying to trick the player, a mysterious force called ‘The Missionary’ robs you of all your precious clues.

You are Breen Cutter, one of the last remaining members of a disbanded police force. One night, you find yourself looking into the eyes of your most notorious suspect: Francis Mercer, an unapologetic psychopath. A smile spreads across his face when you reveal that Mercer has already been sentenced to death – but since there is a large bounty on your head, a mistake is made in the paperwork, and Mercer is being held on death row. When Mercer and his fellow inmates are all mysteriously “murdered” one by one, your team must solve the case before the killer decides to silence you too.

You have at your disposal an arsenal of high-tech weapons and a fantastic set of powers that you are only allowed to use under special circumstances.

The game is an episodic series, with three episodes. The first episode is free and serves as a tutorial. In later episodes, you can play as both Mercer and Breen.

After every successful escape attempt, you’ll unlock new items and abilities.

Play the three episodes individually or as part of the series.


The game is designed specifically for medium audiences. It uses elements of the classic adventure genre, but it also introduces elements of horror and thriller, making the game an excellent experience for all ages.

We don’t aim to reinvent the wheel, but we do take things a bit further. For example, the puzzles and the user interface have been completely reworked – they’re less cryptic and easier to solve. We have also reworked the entire storyline, replacing some stuff that didn’t work as well as we wanted and incorporating all new content.

I love how this game adds a twist to the traditional ‘point-and-click’ style of an adventure title and adds a pinch of actual horror and thrill-seeking in the storytelling.

I would recommend this game to anyone with an interest in puzzle games or to anyone who can play a little at their own pace!

If you’re like us, then you love escape rooms. Few games have managed to combine the


Fantasy Grounds – H3-Ziggurat Of Gloom 4E Fantasy (Token Pack) Features Key:

  • Welcome to the official Fantasy Grounds page for the tabletop role-playing game! This repository will host everything required to get started in Fantasy Grounds. To get you started we’ve created a Token Pack with items that you, the players, can use with this game. You’ll also find optional rules, maps and more!

  • What’s in the Token Pack:

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