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– A Fallout-Inspired Single-player RPG
– An epic adventure of exploration and survival
– Tons of choices and a non-linear story
– A dark Sci-Fi world and a haunting soundtrack
– The story begins once you have collected enough supplies to survive
– The story takes place in a non-linear structure that contains multiple endings
– You are free to explore the environment at any point in the story.
Additional Information Follow the story by clicking here
This game is unofficial and as such we hereby state the following conditions of use:
This game is based off a free to play hack.
– This is not official game or licensed by any games publishers or developers.
– The license period of this project is valid until the player provides feedback that the final balance of the game is not satisfied with.
– This game contains spoilers, which are included in the readme file.
– If you are not able to play this mod, feel free to report any bugs or errors on our twitter, facebook, or Discord

We strive to make this game as interesting as possible. Being able to explore the environment and scavenging for supplies is a big part of that, and we are going to make sure you have the tools to do so. The game currently features over 100 objects to collect and 500 items to use. These include firearms, ammunition, food, medical supplies, scents and even tools to help you make the tough decisions that you’ll have to make to survive.


We are currently developing the server and multiplayer components for the game. It’s in development and we hope to have all of it ready by March 2018.
Since the game is designed around stealth and exploration, we make sure to give you the tools you need to survive and live stealthily. Make sure you keep your distance from other players and avoid drawing attention to yourself. No telling where they’ll come from!

In the game, there will be various types of weapon to use and several types of ammunition. Make sure to have the right weapons on hand when making your way into the safehouse.

In this respect, we’ve taken the game design from BioShock and plan to update


Desolation Tycoon Features Key:

  • 101 levels with 12 possible stages per level
  • 12 Energy Snowballs to be used to solve the puzzles
  • Must see the level 11
  • 8 unlockable bonus stages
  • And 118 rewards!


  • You are playing as Dash, the bear who’s not ordinary!
  • Intro of the main hero: Dash. Bear, but sometimes he becomes human when he’s angry and when he`s happy he turns back into a bear.
  • Dash meets a little fairy named Alice in the forest.
    • Alice helps Dash to go trough the labyrinth
  • Dash`s adventure leads him to the mysterious elf village
  • Dash save a little elf named Pomegranate and becomes a friend of her family
  • Dash sad story ends at the elf Manor
  • As a reward from the elf Manor, Dash get the golden ball
  • The golden ball transforms into a painting of Elf Manor
  • Dash tries to find his way home


  • Tap to Move Dash Bear
  • Tap to click to reach?
  • To use the?button, press the space button before clicking to move the elf.


  • This is a world of happy, sad, angry, happy, amazing and amazing characters
  • Classic gameplay
  • UNRUPULOUS gameplay
  • No notifications except from Energy Snowballs
  • Only 1 invincible Snowball
  • Level cap of 100
  • No ads
  • No in-app purchases


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A mesmerizing adventure game with a high-tech feel, full of secrets, and a feeling of complete freedom.
The rooms are moody, surrealist and awesome.
Each room has a purpose, so you must solve puzzles in order to reach a certain objective.
It is up to you to complete each room and reach the end of your journey.
Some rooms are not easy to solve.
This part of the adventure game is optional and it does not necessarily lead you to the end of your journey.
So don’t worry, you won’t have to feel alone on this journey.
You are not alone. Your journey is shared by the world of dreams.
Explore and discover what they are dreaming about, and you will soon understand why they don’t want to wake up.
– Creative worlds and cinematics:
6 world environments that allow you to discover this magical world.
It will be your task to solve the puzzles of these worlds.
– A surreal dream:
The first thing that you notice is that you are not in a room in a house.
You are within a world of illusions.
– Experimentation:
The player can improve his performance with an intuitive system of learning.
– First person exploration:
The player interacts with the game environment directly, and not through a first-person game.
– Available on many mobile platforms:
The game is playable through your mobile via the iTunes or Google Play Market.
– iPhone, iPad, Samsung Android tablets and Phones.
– Android phones and tablets.
– Web browser and many other platforms and computers.
– Handheld devices are valid.
– Gamplay for the Mac, Windows and Linux.
– Game for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U and many other platforms.
– Generous:
This free game is generous.
You will discover unexpected worlds, amazing sensations and intense moments of fun.
– The dream of a man:
The dream of a man is a wonderful story that is very close to your heart, no matter where you are.
– Detailed graphics:
3D illustrations with high quality and realistic details, very unique.
– The game contains no violence and no graphic images.
Requires iOS 7.0 or higher.
The game is optimized for the iPhone 6.
If you have a device with iOS 8 or higher,


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-Handles the combat amazingly well, it’s a real joy to control. The AI is inspired, I had a lot of fun.
-Easy to pick up, hard to put down even when taking a breather. I didn’t get bored of the game for a long time.
-The soundtrack is great, I found the haunting background music and voices really help the atmosphere.
-I also like the way some of the camera angles move in, the slow shots that are timed to the beat work really well.
-The rest of the game is just a cherry on top of the icing on the cake. Also having no sign of a difficulty curve whatsoever and finishing right in the middle of the spectrum with the joyous “end” music leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction, oh and a load of gold coins too.

Over All:
-A great new game with simple controls that’s super fun to play.
-I love this game, I also like that it works as both a one player and multiplayer game.
-I’m excited to see what this developer does in the future and hope they release more games.

-Easily picked up by almost anyone.
-No need for a life meter.
-Soothing voice in the background.
-Can be played using a one man strategy.

-I’d love to see a difficulty curve.
-I’m thinking of ideas for a sequel.

-9 out of 10 (I can’t give it more than that because I don’t have any more ideas)DestructoidThis is not a game like every other damn Xbox 360 launch game. I don’t think. It’s as simple as they come. This could easily have been a totally forgettable game and the fact that this is a stunning game, from the sound design to the visuals, soothes any anxiety that “other people” might have felt about making fun and games for the 360.

I was stunned by how good it was until I started seeing all the reviews come out. I had no idea about it. It’s not a big game, but the consequences it has on everything else is huge. Heck, I don’t feel so guilty playing Starbound and watching such awful movies anymore because I know there’s a good argument that games like Wild Eight are probably beneficial to the industry, as long as they continue to be the next positive thing.



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