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system.out.println not displaying for a program running in eclipse

Here is my code:
public class Square {
public static int square(int input) {
return input * input;

public static void main(String[] args) {
int input = Integer.parseInt(args[0]);
int answer = square(input);
System.out.println(“The answer is ” + answer);
System.out.println(“Thanks for playing!”);

I get no output at all, and the program runs without error.
I’m running eclipse, and I typed java Square and then entered 7, and then it just runs the program and closes.


The version of Eclipse you have will not recognise your program for running, as it is not saved in its binary form. You need to save it as an Eclipse project, so you can run it on the command line.
Right-click on your project, and select Run->Run As… -> Java Application.
From there, enter 7 as the application name, click next. Then give it a name, and click finish.
Now the program should run when you hit Run.


The problem is: your program is not really a Java program, it is a class library.
If you saved it as a Java program, then you would be able to run it with, e.g. java Square.
Also, when you run it, you need to make the terminal window to which you run it visible, as you would for any other Java program.


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