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Cluckles’ Adventure has two game modes. Take your time and explore at your own pace in Classic game mode. Or switch to Speed Run and compete on Steam Leaderboards to post the fastest level times.
Classic game mode:
Explore 108 levels. Clutch every last chick to get the perfect completion score! Be the first to post the best score on the Steam Leaderboards.
Speed Run game mode:
Speed race against other players to rank up and become the fastest Clutch-master on the Steam Leaderboards.
Average user rating: 4.8
Average play time: 10 hours

COMING SOON – FREE Update 1.0.4
The Steam update version 1.0.4 will be released on 26th July, 2019.1.0.4 will include the following changes.
– the core gameplay
– position save system to come later
– iOS and Android apps
– Playable in full-screen (recommended resolution 1280×1080)
– New backgrounds (coming soon)
– Update Windows version of the game.
1.0.4 Changelog:
*Added position save system to come later
* Added iOS and Android apps to come later
* Added New backgrounds (coming soon)
*Updated Windows version of the game (Coming soon)
– Fixed crash on certain devices
-Updated iOS and Android build of the game (Coming soon)Amazing Charles Dickens Museum London





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Cluckles’ Adventure Features Key:

  • 3 unique and dynamic game settings: Overworld, Landscape and Desert
  • 2 different gameplay styles: Dynamic gameplay and the ability to
    choose between the two modes at random

  • Higher level cap, and depth in the game world with a lot
    more advanced and gritty combat tactics

  • 8 new spells, 10 new weapons, 8 new armor pieces, 6 new
    spell effects and new permutations for these items

  • 5 new classes that you can learn and customize
  • 5 new locations, 1 new town and 1 new dungeon which is fully
    viable as a single-player game, and we are working hard to make the
    skyline one of the most fair-play areas in the game

  • More experience and rewards, new items and a lot of extra

  • Optional support for map pieces to create more layouts and
    diversify the gameplay (none included at the moment, but they are in

  • Multiplayer support (unfortunately not the 4-player split-screen
    mode, due to compatibility issues with Heroes of Might and Magic

  • Player-created scenarios. That’s right! You can now save your
    game and create scenarios for up to 5 players!

  • In-game tutorial/books; guides, sound advice, party-up guides,
    and a quick start guide


Cluckles’ Adventure [Mac/Win]

Cluckles’ Adventure is a highly playable arcade puzzle platformer.
It features 108 challenging levels filled with delightful pixel art, challenging puzzles and secret areas. Cluckles will have to solve several puzzles using her trusty sword to set out on her adventure and rescue the stolen chicks. Can she get them all back before the evil minions find and destroy them all?
Cluckles’ Adventure is available for purchase on Steam.
Buy it now for $2.99 / £1.99 / €2.99.
For free players, an in-game tutorial and gameplay tips can be found on the Cluckles Community Hub.
It’s up to you to save the stolen chicks and clear Cluckles’ Adventure
5/5 stars:
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(c) SN Interactive
All Rights Reserved
Cluckles’ Adventure Website:
Intro song:
“Signals” by Apollonia 6 –
Album :
“Cluckles Jumps Adventure” –
3D Model by RampaJ:
Cluckles and Tails Characters:


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What’s new in Cluckles’ Adventure:

Game Preview – Game Mechanics

The original Cluckles (a.k.a. Cluddington) was one of the best Adventure Games released on the PC world. It is not a whole lot different for this release, but it has a Fazoli’s theme embedded

inside it. Here is what it all basically entails:


You have to find the Road Map and work your way across the levels, bit by bit. The quality of the game has not been compromised during the bringing to the iPhone. The controls, the gameplay and the way that you have to look for a road map has not been touched. You can navigate the levels by using the arrow keys and tap on a room to explore. You also have a minimap which provides an overview of the level layout, the rooms, the monsters and the weapons you have. The tutorial helps you get started and you can turn it on or off later.

Cautious Approach

The game has been designed to be played in short bursts as it is a little bit slow to start and is quite repetitive after a while. It starts off by requiring you to explore the pea-sized room in the highest level, which further moves forward to the next small room. In the new stage, you have to explore a larger room, this one room in, this one in and a large one later on. The only difference between one stage and the other is the smaller spaces. At the end of each level, you get a bonus sword for clearing it and there are generally some coins at the end too. There is a bonus stage right at the beginning of each level that unlocks access to most of the later levels if you get it, but you don’t have to play them all to beat the whole game. The level resets itself and gets progressively more difficult with every extra level you unlock.

Repeating Missions

The levels progress in difficulty and so you learn each level bit by bit, which is a nice feature. At first the levels have a short length and you will have to beat all of them before progressing to the next stage. As you progress, there are a number of new rooms to explore.


The gameplay is mostly slow and tedious. You have to search every room before moving on to the next one, which is exactly what it sounds like. There are magic items to find, if you find them. You have to pick every item up and then every map or


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  • Game Content:



    System Requirements:

    Windows Vista or higher
    Intel Dual Core Processor or better
    2 GB RAM
    NVIDIA GeForce 7800GTX or ATI HD 3850 or better
    To run the game smoothly, it is highly recommended that you use the following video card/cpu configuration:
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB
    Note: For the maximum possible graphics quality, it is recommended that you use the following video card/cpu configuration:CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400Video card: NVIDIA


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